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When Will We Be Able to Build Brains Like Ours?: Scientific American

April 26

When physicists puzzle out the workings of some new part of nature, that knowledge can be used to build devices that do amazing things — airplanes that fly, radios that reach millions of listeners.  When we come to understand how brains function, we should become able to build amazing devices with cognitive abilities — such as cognitive cars that are better at driving than we are because they communicate with other cars and share knowledge on road conditions.  In 2008, the National Academy of Engineering chose as one of its grand challenges to reverse-engineer the human brain.  When will this happen? Some are predicting that the first wave of results will arrive within the decade, propelled by rapid advances in both brain science and computer science. This sounds astonishing, but it’s becoming increasingly plausible. So plausible, in fact, that the great race to reverse-engineer the brain is already triggering a dispute over historic “firsts.”

via When Will We Be Able to Build Brains Like Ours?: Scientific American.

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