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Nothing Means Anything on the Internet: A PSA

April 27

Listen, dumbshit media.  It’s been awfully cute that, for the last 10 years or so, you’ve been technologically retarded, but it has to stop.  And even if your core audience is technologically retarded, don’t pander to them.  The world doesn’t need another expose on rickrolling.  Know why?  Rickrolling doesn’t mean anything.  Nothing on the internet means anything.

The fundamental problem with CBS news or whomever trying to piece together “all your base are belong to us” is the fact they start trying to piece it together in the first place.  Hey, what’s with all these Chuck Norris facts?  Why, some of these seem blatantly false!  To the editorial room!  There is nothing to figure out on the internet.  No one makes a meme with a point.  No one makes a meme.  The meme makes it self.  Shit happens.

Do you know who made the internet?  It wasn’t made back in the 60’s or whatever, it wasn’t military to begin with.  They used computers, sure.  But the internet, the thing you’re on right now, this was made by the kids you didn’t hang out with in highschool.  This was made by guys in trench coats, girls who took 5 periods of art per day, people who were awfully good at math when you were out drinking and everyone who ever loved dungeons and dragons.  And now you’re allowed on the internet with them, but at its core, where the internet still grows (or festers, if you will) the internet is misfits.  A fuckton of misfits who say shit and do shit that doesn’t mean anything because it’s funny to them.

via Nothing Means Anything on the Internet: A PSA.

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