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Opposite Of Radical: Today’s Youth Trust Uncle Sam : NPR

May 2

A generation ago, young people vowed never to trust anyone over 30. But as it turns out, those under 30 today are actually more trusting of the government of all age groups, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center.

“As of now, I trust the government,” says Brittany Tucker, a poli-sci major at Northeastern University in Boston. “I feel like they are trying to do what’s best for us and their constituents.”

Tucker believes the government helps more than it hurts. The percentage of young people who agree with her is significantly higher than is the percentage of older people who agree, though it’s worth noting that it’s still only about a third of the younger set who say they trust the government all or most of the time — and it’s often with caveats.

As another poli-sci major, Jennifer Kral, puts it, everything is relative.

“I definitely think that politicians are given a really bad rap. There are certainly plenty of CEOs and executives who are just as bad, and we certainly shouldn’t be pointing fingers just because they’re politicians. There are plenty of people in the public spotlight who are just as bad,” Kral says.

via Opposite Of Radical: Today’s Youth Trust Uncle Sam : NPR.

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