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Husband of Burqa-Wearing Woman Says He Will Confine Wife To Home

May 5

Ok, I have remained mostly silent on this topic since it has arisen.  But this short article pops up on my feed and my head is a flutter with opinions.

The husband of a Muslim woman given a heavy fine in Italy for wearing a face veil in an area where clothing blocking the identification of a person is banned has said he will confine his wife to home.

Is it not obvious that this burqa wearing problem is not a problem of female rights, but a matter of a apparent cultural masculine dominance.

Ben Salah Braim, 36, said he can’t let her go out and be seen by other men because it would violate the Koran, he told Corriere della Sera. Some terrorist suicide bombers also claim their actions are required by the Koran.

The threat to keep his wife under virtual house arrest drew criticism from Novara Mayor Massimo Giordano.

This concept of forcing women to keep their faces covered makes me ill.  They might as well make their women wear ball gags.


I wonder if there is an equivalent to Adult Protective Services in Italy.

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