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Catholic School Fires Teacher Suspected To Be An Atheist.

May 29

There go my hopes of teaching church doctrine to children young enough to be persuaded by such make-believe dogmatic pseudo ethics.

Full Article: Iowa Catholic school fires teacher after Facebook survey indicates she doesn’t believe in God

A Catholic-school teacher from Fort Dodge has been fired because of a Facebook survey in which she said she did not believe in God.

In November, Nurre posted a comment to an online discussion forum, Atheist Nexus. In her post, she provided a link to a New York Times article that, as she described it, indicated the government had spent $2.3 million on prayer research in the past 10 years.

Five weeks later, she was called to the office of Monsignor Kevin McCoy and handed a letter informing her that she was suspended for making “atheist statements in a public forum.”

McCoy barred Nurre from school grounds. A few days later, without discussing the matter with Nurre, the school’s board of directors fired her for violating a policy that prohibits employees from advocating “principles contrary to the dogmatic and moral teaching of the church.”

“It never occurred to me that teachers were limited in their professional and personal education to only church-approved sources of information,” she told the board.

That led to a recent hearing where Tim Hancock, the St. Edmond business manager, testified on behalf of the school. Hancock said that by becoming a member of the Atheist Nexus site, Nurre violated the principles of the Catholic church.

“She should be denied unemployment benefits for being a member of an atheist Web site,” Hancock testified.

Nurre said she never advocated atheism. She said she had to register as a member of the site in order to post the link to the New York Times article.

“I believe in knowledge,” she testified. “I believe in communicating with other people of different beliefs. I believe in being an open person. That, to me, is not immoral.”

Her Facebook page was accessible to designated friends and she had not authorized any students to access the page or the survey within, she testified.

Full Article: Iowa Catholic school fires teacher after Facebook survey indicates she doesn’t believe in God

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