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World War II Bombs Still Menace Germany : NPR

June 6

In the German town of Gottingen on Tuesday, three workers were killed and six wounded while trying to defuse a 1,100-pound Allied bomb — a tragic legacy of World War II.

Sixty-five years after the end of the war, unexploded ordnance from the conflict remains a common, annoying and occasionally deadly hazard for construction crews across Germany.

The nine German bomb-disposal experts — men with years of experience — were working Wednesday on a bomb found during construction of a sports arena in the central German town. The police had already evacuated some 6,000 people when the bomb exploded.

Police secure evidence Wednesday after a World War II bomb exploded in Goettingen, central Germany.

Peter Bodes, head of the Hamburg Ordinance Disposal Unit, told German public television that while old war bombs are commonplace, fatalities are not.

“Accidents happen, of course. But you always go out there thinking ‘It won’t be me.’ So it’s just dreadful when something tragic like this happens,” Bodes said.

via World War II Bombs Still Menace Germany : NPR.

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