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Please send to Jenny McCarthy – genetic errors linked to autism

June 10

Researchers announced on Wednesday that they have identified genetic errors linked to autism cases, a finding that might lead to treatment of the urgent health problems of the 21st century

Published in the journal Nature, the findings help confirm the strong role that genes play in autism, a condition marked by social isolation, speech problems and strange, repetitive movements.

Scientists with the Autism Genome Project studied the genes of 996 people with autism and 1,287 without, all with European ancestry.

The team found that people with autism tended to have more losses and duplications of whole chunks of DNA. These deletions or insertions are called copy number variants and can disrupt how genes work.

By identifying the genetic causes of autism, scientists hope in the future to be able to improve the diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

Scientists from 60 research institutions in 12 countries worked for three years on the Autism Genome Project.

Autism disorders are diagnosed in one in 110 children in the United States and affect four times as many boys as girls. In Britain, an estimated 133,500 children have autism, according to the National Autistic Society.

via Research: genetic errors linked to autism.

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